JinYoung  Jeong

Born in Seoul, Korea, 1993
Currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois


School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

Chicago, IL

BFA 2017

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing

Advanced Painting Studio

Korea University

Seoul, South Korea

International Summer Institute



Merit Scholarship

School of the Art Institute of Chicago



Memory Foam

Group Exhibition, Salvage One curated by Carol Nasaw Fine Art, Chicago, IL, 2017

Ten x Ten


Group Exhibition, Young Space, Hortonville, WI, 2017 

Waiting in Lines

Two-Persons Show, Green Door, Chicago, IL, 2017

Send Your Location

Group Exhibition, 33 ORCHARD, NYC, NY, 2017


BFA Thesis Show, Sullivan Galleries, School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago IL, 2017

Here. End. After_

                            Group Exhibition, KCC Art Gallery, Wheeling IL, 2017                           

Wake Me Up

                            Group Exhibition, Hidden M Gallery, Seoul, South Korea, 2017

I Heart Shit.

Group Exhibition, Gallery Laura, Chicago, IL, 2016


Experience                                                                        Selected Publication

Andrew Rafacz Gallery                                             Untitled Issue #7            

Chicago, IL                                                               SAIC Featured Work, 2017

Administrative assistant                                      Dahm-So Issue #9

2017                                                                          SAIC Graduating Seniors Featured                                                                                                                            Work, 2017

SAIC Spring Art Sale 2017                                        SAIC PICS 

Chicago, IL, 2017                                                       SAIC BFA SHOW Featured Work, 2017 

SAIC Holiday Art Sale 2016                                     Untitled Issue #6

Chicago, IL, 2016                                                        SAIC Featured Work, 2016

SAIC Spring Art Sale 2016                                        

Chicago, IL, 2016                                                       

Sullivan Gallery                                                         

Chicago, IL                                                                  

Student worker

2015 - 2017

Art Center Nabi

Seoul, South Korea

Curatorial Intern


Korea Youth Association

Seoul, South Korea

Teaching Assistant